Am I the only one?

Sometimes I feel like I am so fat right now that I couldn't never really look
like all of these beautiful girls in the magazines. Like I'd just have a
bunch of sagging skin or something.......



Ok, so I just got off of work & it's 8:35pm & I still haven't had anything to eat today. I had a medium chia hot coffee this morning & a V8 while I was at work. My dad told me he'd have dinner ready for me when I got off work but luckly once I got here he was already asleep so I don't have to eat that. Phew!
So this is my second week of college & so far I'm loving it! I'm meant to work out after I got off work but I forgot to bring my workout clothes with me to work. I work at the gym for those of you who didn't know. It's good thinspiration....sometimes. Other times.....not so much. Haha! Just got my first car a week ago. Love it! I feel free with it. Ok, enough about me, how've you all been doing?? I missed you <3



Im sorry i've been MIA for a little.....again. So much has been going on in my life. Most good, some bad. I finally got a laptop today so i can be on here a lot more. I'm waiting to watch the VMAs on MTV which are gunna start any minute now so i will explain everything in my next post. Probably tomorrow. Much love to you all and i'll ttyt!! muah!



I just wanted to say thank you very much for your kind words :) that last comment made me laugh, & I really needed it. Hahaha Thanks so much. :)


I feel like I'm just a thing taking up oxygen on this stupid Earth...